Journalists for brands

Brands are behaving like publishers, spreading stories through owned and other kinds of media. But what do people really want to know and experience? How do you keep your credibility?

Out in the Open helps develop edgy editorial formats for organizations that want to go ‘out in the open’. That want to share what their real challenges and dilemma’s are, what’s happening within their market and how they can make a difference. We work with a network of fresh and sharp journalists and other creators who know how to strike the right chord.


What we do



Out in the Open helps create remarkable editorial formats for owned and payed media. We also optimize existing content. We don’t start without a sensible answer to the question: do people ask for this story? 


Out in the Open is run by journalists. Inquisitive people who ask the right questions and listen, and consequently create a story based on this curiosity. Blogs/vlogs, articles, columns, and also infographics and (photo) documentaries. 



We’re good at forming and coaching editorials teams. We help people and teams improve their editorial skills and look at the world with a journalist's eye.



We believe that consumers want to know what brands stand for, because they realize their economical choices have impact on society. What we buy and who we’re buying it from matters.
Brands ask themselves the important question: who am I and what can I mean for the world? From both a societal and a commercial standpoint. 

This asks for a journalistic point of view with a sharp eye for news and it's impact on the relationship between people and brands.

That’s what Out in the Open offers and that’s how we want to bring companies and their target groups closer together. By building bridges, eliminate misunderstandings, claiming thought leadership, promoting collaboration and making room for meaningful discussions.  


Who we are


Astrid Prummel

As chief editor of trade magazine Adformatie I conducted a series of interviews with ceo’s and marketing chiefs of big companies in transition. They wanted to be more open about their dilemma’s and challenges but didn’t know how. After I left Adformatie I joined ad agency FHV BBDO where I launched an editorial label, to go Out in the Open independently nine months later, in September 2016.


allard frederiks

Brands are turning into publishers. They want to connect and engage with their customers and other audiences with stories that are sincere and relevant. Journalists understand the power of storytelling. I love to combine my experience in journalism and marketing for brands. In the past five years I have been helping several clients with online platforms, specials and journalistic productions. Prior to that I was editor in chief for De Zaak, a publication aimed at entrepreneurs. My roots in journalism are with Adformatie, where I first met Astrid. When opportunity knocked, it seemed logical to join Out in the Open.




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